MYHSM: Our Core Philosophy

Transaction processing has never been so demanding. The overhead of maintaining an upto-date PCI capability to securely handle transactions combined with the erosion of processing fees equate to rapidly depleting margins. The net result is a business model which is becoming ever more fragile.

A solution to this dilemma is to outsource one of the most costly elements of the system: the HSM estate and its associated equipment, maintenance, certification, and demands on people and infrastructure. This approach would see Payment Hardware Security Modules being offered as a service.

MYHSM understand this need and, as with other technologies, has leveraged the trend towards cloud services to become the first global company to offer such a hosted service using Thales payShield HSMs. From testing to pilot to full rollout, MYHSM provides a unique offering to a wide spectrum of customers: acquirers, payment service providers (PSP), payment facilitators (PayFac), and issuers. Results are simplified operations and reduced costs, enabling customers to focus on value propositions such as improving the consumer digital payment experience.


MYHSM offers this service by hosting dedicated payShield HSMs in fully managed, PCI-accredited estates.

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